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Site Assessment by BuildZig ADU

We visit your site, interview you, and prepare a report on critical issues important to you about building an ADU. You can see a sample report here.(link) This report allows you to understand the costs and process to build your ADU project before committing to the design-permitting phase.


depending on location and number of ADUs

Reports take 2 weeks to prepare, depending on site availability

Design and Permitting Phase

We help you develop the vision of your project and put it into plans to submit to the city and get it approved.

At the end of the process, you have planning approval and building plans and permits and are ready to build.

Total cost is approximately $20-$35,000 in consultant fees and permits, depending on the project and the jurisdiction.

The design and permit approval process usually takes 2-3 months.


We build your unit in a process that is transparent, with regular reporting to you.

The cost of construction depends on the type of construction and the property constraints. -Converting existing space can be as low as $150/sf. -Construction costs for stand-alone units are between $200-$500/sf

The construction phase takes 2-6 months, depending on the type of construction and the project scope.

Are you ready to build your ADU?

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Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

1 800 380 0180

Dream it. Build it. Zig it.

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