Jibu John

Entitlements Division Manager

Jibu is the Entitlements Division Manager. His team is responsible for managing all development projects through the design, planning/permit review, and utilities coordination phases. Jibu has developed an extraordinary understanding of the planning process. He helps the client navigate through various levels of regulation and bureaucracy to achieve project objectives – be it a single family home or multi-story high-rise. Jibu is passionate about being part of a company that will leave a mark on the construction industry and help transform it. 

When he is not working, Jibu likes to spend time reading, relaxing with family, watching soccer, playing any cue sport, trying new and interesting foods, and finding the next great beer. He also enjoys making BBQ/roasts and is currently attempting to build a custom clay smoker. If he had a superpower, it would be the ability to duplicate himself so he could be doing all the things he loves professionally and personally (all at once), while also being on vacation.