Denise Tuesta

Funds Control Processor

Denise Tuesta is a Funds Control Processor at BuildZig. Her first job as a soccer coach honed her sharp communication skills and her ability to motivate others – which she has used throughout her professional career. Denise is often the first person that customers interact with, either in-person or over the phone. She brings a bright smile and cheerful attitude to every interaction. The things Denise loves most about her job are helping people and supporting good client/customer relations. She is passionate about representing the company well and brings a positive outlook to challenging situations.

Outside of work, Denise enjoys watching movies, being outdoors with her dogs, and BRUNCH. If Denise could pick any superpower it would be to have superhuman strength as She-Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, she retains her intelligence and emotional control; however, like the Hulk she becomes stronger when enraged.  HULK, SMASH!!!!